Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm back!

So it has been a while to say the least! My laptop died and I put the blog on temporary hold. And then I seem to have forgotten that my blog existed. But now hopefully I will be able to get back into the habit of writing here again. 

The last 3 years (yes, 3! Bad blogger! Bad!!) have been incredibly busy. I went back to work part time. We got pregnant and welcomed a wonderful baby boy into our family. I became a Girl Scout leader. Tressie is now 10 and in 4th grade. Reagan is 7 and in 1st grade. Addie will be turning 4 this summer and Wyatt is 2. And as if those 4 weren't enough to keep us busy, we also have our two cats, Doc and She-Ra, and three dogs, a 2 year old Great Pyrenees/American Bulldog mix named Cupcake and 2 dachshund puppies, Pretzel and her brother Ringo.  I have started (and at least semi-finished) many diy projects, some of which I will be sharing here soon.

Here are just a few photos of my latest project. My mother in law had this awesome old record player in her basement. Unfortunately some of the grandkids decided that it would look great with some purple spray paint so that made it a good candidate for a new coat of paint. 

The cord was all chewed up and I am not an electrictian so I'm not sure whether or not it still functions as a record player but I had other plans for it. But first, it needed some color. Coral?? Yes, please!

I love the look of the bright pop of color with the dark wood inside. Not to mention the lovely gold speakers! I'm not usually a fan of gold but it's been calling to me lately. The speakers were also a victim of the purple spray paint but I was able to cover that up with a little metallic gold paint. I still might go back and cover the speakers with some fabric later at some point but right now I love it the way it is. 

(Please ignore the buckets of toys and shoes. In case you missed it up there ^ we have lots of kids in this house!) 

Here the record player/tv stand is in its new home! I am absolutely thrilled with how it came out. It only took me 2 years to get around to starting, and then less than 5 hours from start to finish on a beautiful sunny Sunday. Regardless, I will count this project as a success. It fits in perfectly with my clock and shelves and I am loving the pop of color against the light blue walls. It reminds me of the beach. Where's my piƱa colada??

Thanks for joining me for some of my ramblings! I will try very hard to post before 2017. ;) Until next time!!

Xoxo, Christina 

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