Friday, June 17, 2011

One proud momma!

This is my Tressie with her game ball.  Yup, she got the game ball!!!  I am incredibly proud of our whole team but I am going to take just a moment to brag on my baby.  Tressie hit every time she was at bat, got several girls out when she was playing 1st base, and ended up hitting the game winning ball.  Her coaches awarded her the game ball.  I could not be prouder!!  This is her first year playing softball and she is loving it.  She made the all star team and now she is playing so well.  Have I mentioned how proud I am???

Here's one of Tressie's hits.  She actually made it to 2nd on that hit but I stopped
recording too soon.  And yes, that is me that's screaming like crazy  in the video. :) 

Both teams did so awesome!  Our team was ahead most of the game until the 4th inning when we got tied 12-12.  They had already decided to end the game at the end of the 4th inning since there was a lot of lightning in the sky.  Our team was up to bat and we got 2 girls on base, with Tressie and 2 other girls left to bat.  Tressie made a great hit and LeLe was able to make it home.  I am sooo proud of all of the girls.  I can't wait to see our Americans play again!! 

My phone/camera died right before the 4th inning so sadly I was not able to get any photos or video of the game winning play but here are a couple of other photos that I snapped today. 

Coach MawMaw and her PG American All Stars

Before the game

Playing 1st base

This very proud momma is also a very tired momma!  I am off to bed but just had to brag a little (ok, a lot) first.  I hope everyone has a wonderful night!  

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