Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our month in review

This is going to be pretty picture heavy, but this is what we've been up to for the past few weeks...

I quit my job and dyed my hair bright red to celebrate.  What? That's not the traditional way to celebrate quitting your job to become a stay at home momma??  Oh, well, too late now.

Our Hammerz were on the news when they started playing again a few weeks after the tornado that hit our town.

 Then they won first place in their league!! 

  The ceremonies lasted way too long and the girls were exhausted when we got home.  Tressie made all stars! I am so proud of both the girls!!

 I made a mini album for our wonderful Coach MawMaw and we all gave it to her at the end of season party at Tine's house.  She really was the best coach that I could have asked for.  She was so patient with the kids and really made the game fun for them.  And I'm not just saying that because she also happens to be my sister in law. ;) This was Tressie and Reagan's first year playing softball but I am sure that it will not be their last.  Tressie is already gearing up to play All Stars on MawMaw's American team and I can't wait to see her out there again! Reagan decided to forgo All Stars and play on the swings instead. I can't say I blame her. It's hot out there!!!

The girls had a blast at their end of season party with the rest of our little Hammerz. We truly did have the best group of girls, parents, and coaches this year.

I dyed my hair (accidentally) black.  It came out way too dark when I was trying to cover up the red but it works for now.  I'm sure that it will be changed soon enough.

Reagan's room got cleaned. As sad as it is, this happens so infrequently that it is something totally
blogworthy.  Now that I am home full time we are working on keeping the house up better so hopefully it will stay a permanent thing.  It's stayed clean the past 2 weeks. I just hope it will stay this way.


Addie got to play in the yard so that I could snap some pictures for her birthday invitation.  I can't believe my baby girl is going to be a year old!!  We made some cupcakes along with a ton of other food (I am talking leftovers for DAYS!) and had the in-laws over for Memorial Day.

Miss Addie found a Hershey Kiss and was discovered hiding under the table covered in chocolate.  Who knew one little Kiss could make such a mess??  

It has been soooo hot out lately!! So there has been a lot of this going on.  Skating in the basement and living room dance parties.  We turn on the music channels on tv and dance off some energy for a bit.  Not exactly the same as running and playing outside but with 90* plus weather, it's just too hot for all that.

Yesterday the girls and I went to their cousin Emily's 10th birthday party with Haley and Nana. Fun was had by all!  I really do love all of my husband's family.  I really have been blessed with wonderful in laws in addition to my amazing family.

Other than that, I have been working on piecing together Addie's birthday party, scrapping and crafting some, cleaning and cooking a lot.  Between the kids wrecking the house on a daily basis and trying to make up for year's worth of mess that accumulates when Mommy and Daddy both work full time. I am just trying to get everything up the par but it's taking some time.  I am finally making progress on the living room, kitchen, and scrapbook/cabbie/play room (that's a lot of slashes).  I will probably wait until after Addie's birthday to start painting the living room and scrapbook room, but that is definitely on the list. This post is already pretty long so I will do a separate one later this week of some of the house updates, scrapbooking, and birthday things.  For now I am off to make some pizza with hubby and the kiddos.

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